How Do Music Creators Get Paid?

How do the Music Creators Get Paid?

On October 11, 2016 in Playa Vista, CA a seminar panel was hosted by AMP West with noted experts in the field of music talent payments, residuals and royalties. The competition for jobs in the giant spectrum of an industry which includes live performing, TV, film advertising and branded entertainment has never been more fierce. Members and their guests were invited to hear advice, observations and the "real skinny" when it comes to getting their piece of the financial pie.

These topics were discussed:
-Work-for-hire sale of copyright and Music Rights Agreements
-Licensing Agreements
-Performance royalties
-Filing as a writer and as a publisher
-Union residuals
-Union contracts
-Music libraries and search engines
-Digital and web income streams

The business is changing as the internet is becoming a bigger potential revenue source…..but not in the way you’d expect!  AMP members may click here for the full panel minutes and bullet points.