Any company in the business of creating music or sound - for advertising,television, film, promos,trailers, internet and emerging media  - is welcome to join AMP as a General Member.

Any company that provides services to the commercial and entertainment music and sound industry, such as post houses, studios, payroll companies, equipment suppliers, recording labels, etc., may join AMP as an Associate Member.

Any freelance music supervisor, composer or sound designer not affiliated with a larger company may join AMP as an Individual Member.

Who should join AMP? All of the above! At a time when <music and sound are fighting for their share of the production budget and production schedule, AMP is rocking the industry with an important message:

 “WAKE UP AND HEAR THE MUSIC!”Right now AMP has over 80 members companies nationwide and chapters in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Miami, and Los Angeles.  Join us now!


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