AMP Announces Call for Entries for 2003 National Mixer of the Year Award

3rd Year of Prestigious Award Moves onto National Scene Honors Skills of the TV Commercial Mixing Engineer

December 3, 2003 - The Association of Music Producers (AMP) has announced that its Mixer of the Year Award will be going national this year, and has put out a Call for Entries for the competition, which honors the talents and proficiency of the post production audio mixer and recognizes the important role the mixer plays in the success of a television commercial. This is the third year of the award, but its first on a national level. Previously the Mixer of Year Award was open only to West Coast professionals.

“The tough part about creating music for advertising is knowing someone else is mixing the final elements for air,” said AMP President Jeff Rosner of Sacred Noise. “Having faith in a sound mixer’s ability to enhance the overall aural experience while maintaining the integrity of the music is what this award is about honoring the guys who do it best.”

Work eligible for the National Mixer of the Year Award must have aired in the U.S. between January 1, 2003 and December 1, 2003. Each entry submitted for the judges should consist of three commercials from different campaigns dubbed onto a DVD. There is a fee of $150 per entry.

Entrants are invited to submit three TV commercials which fulfill the following criteria:

  • a body of work which exemplifies high audio production value and mixing skills;
  • a sensitivity to the relationship of voice-over, dialogue, music and/or sound design; therefore spots featuring all music and sound design without voice-over will not be considered.

Because the judges are looking for versatility, spots from the same campaign will not be accepted. Multiple entries are permitted but duplications of spots are not. Titles and ISCI codes as well as an affidavit from the production company attesting that the mix is the on-air version are required for each spot entered.

Last year’s award was given to Mitch Dorf of POP Sound in Santa Monica. Jimmy Hite of Margarita Mix was honored the previous year.

The only award of its kind, the National Mixer of the Year will be announced next March at a special event to be hosted by AMP in Los Angeles. A Runner Up and Honorable Mentions will also be named. Submissions may be sent to Trivers/Myers Music, 2816 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. The deadline for entries is January 31, 2004.

The Association of Music Producers is an affiliate of the AICP and is made up of advertising industry music producers and composers. More information can be found at AMP’s website: or