Report from Steve Ford, President of the Midwest Chapter, October 2003

On Tuesday October 7th, Steve Ford Music hosted an AMP seminar for AMP members only, addressing issues of intellectual property. Speakers presenting were Steve Shebar, a lawyer who works in the area of intellectual property at Katten Muchin Zavis Rosenman here in Chicago, and Sandy Wilbur, musicologist from New York. Steve presented the issues from a legal perspective and Sandy added insights, both legal and practical, from her many years in the music industry as a music producer, agency producer and active musicologist. It was an extremely informative seminar even for those who are currently taking necessary precaution.

I think anyone who attended this meeting will be more pro-active in making sure they have all the necessary information before creating original music with reference to an existing song or in executing an arrangement of a popular song. One goal we are attempting to achieve is to come up with some sort of language we can send in which would, in effect, void the indemnification we are signing if indeed publishers or artists have been contacted by the agency without our knowledge. In addition, we might try to have language stating that we are not responsible for consequences arising from the event of edits or changes to tracks made by anyone other than we producers after the track leaves our hands. We will keep you all up on the progress in this area.