Winners Announced at the AMP “MIXER/MIXER”

2nd Year of Prestigious Award Honors Skills of the Post Production Audio Mixer

Los Angeles, Calif., November 5, 2002- The West Coast Branch of The Association of Music Producers (AMP) today announced the winners of the 2nd Annual West Coast Mixer of the Year Awards. The event was held on November 1st at Groove Addicts’ new recording facility in Los Angeles and was attended by over 150 members of the advertising community. AMP hosted this special dinner and awards ceremony to specifically recognize the talents of the post-production audio mixers for television commercials and to highlight their important role in the success of TV commercials.

West Coast Mixer of the Year Awards:

Mitch Dorf/POP Sound
Santa Monica, CA
Representative spot shown: Gatorade Ice “Defining Mia”

Tor Kingdon/Mike Recording Services
Los Angeles, California
Representative spot shown: Speed Channel “Launch”

Jay Shilliday/Crescendo! Studios
San Francisco, California
Representative spot shown: Musco Olives “Orphanage”

Honorable Mention:
Lance Limbocker/Downstream Digital
Portland, Oregon
Representative spot shown: Adidas “White Shoe/Dunk”

Each winner was on hand to receive their award and spoke briefly about their experiences as a post production mixer. Mitch Dorf, the winner from POP Sound in Santa Monica, credited his versatile background in audio engineering as preparing him for the often-demanding field of TV post-production. He also thanked his wife, Lynda, for never complaining when he called at 7:30 pm to say, “Honey, I won’t be home for dinner.”

The event was emceed by Liz Myers, Vice-President of AMP West Coast, who introduced the winners by stating that, “We musicians and sound designers are here to thank these ‘quiet guys’ who make us sound so good and loud on the air.”

Entrants were invited to present a 3/4-inch video reel of 3-6 currently airing TV commercials fulfilling the following criteria:

  * A body of work which exemplifies high audio production value and mixing skills;
  * A sensitivity to the relationship of voice-over, dialogue, music and/or sound design.

Post-production companies from the West Coast were encouraged to use this opportunity to bring attention to their mixers. Last year’s award was given to Jimmy Hite of Margarita Mix for his outstanding work.

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