Rani Vaz, Senior VP-Director of Music/Radio production at BBDO/New York

"The breadth of your work astounds me and makes me so proud to work on the agency side. I can only speak from the heart when it comes to our industry and the people and the work I care for so deeply. Music is transformative, it makes a good idea great and a great idea superlative."


Matt Miller, President and CEO at AICP

"It's amazing what you can see with your ears, but it's also amazing what you can hear with your eyes. and the marriage between sight and sound as we create the things we create is so natural as the partnership we have with AMP and AICP."

•Award Excellence

Paul Greco, Director of Music & Radio at J.Walter Thompson

"The AMP Awards are about the music. It's a chance for all of us to play a role in the music process to honor each other and accept some praise. It also helps spread the word about the value of music and how important it is to the work. Music has always been a major part of my life and since the day I startedI am in awe of the talent and professionalism of everyone in this biz and what it takes to make music."

•Bring a greater awareness of the importance of music and sound in advertising and branded entertainment.

Tor Myhren, Vice President of Marketing Communications at Apple, Inc., formerly President at Grey NY, and Global Chief Creative Officer at Grey Worldwide

I think we're at a really exciting time in our industry because advertising, which used to sit on the fringe of pop culture, now sits right at the center of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, gaming, and of coursethe music industry. Where we used to have to pay gigantic sums of money to have big artists be in commercials, now they are calling us saying "what commercials do you have coming out" because advertising has become one of the best distribution methods for musicians. Now we're sitting in the same media and competing for the same ears and eyes of the best musicians in the world. That means the challenge for our people that are making original music for our industry have to create music that can compete or beat the music from the biggest artists out there.